PLUS is Changing Student Leadership

To build strong student engagement and connections we built our safe schools model on the evidence found in the research on youth development and the effectiveness of peer to peer programs. Teams of staff members are trained to manage a youth empowered program that utilizes social leadership qualities to connect all students.  A diverse cross section of student leaders facilitate a series of activities that create communication, connections, care and community amongst a student body.  Utilizing best practice strategies, the  student leaders serve as the liaison between the student body and the adults on a campus.  Schools implementing PBIS and Multi Tiered Systems of Support have found the PLUS Program to be a perfect fit for student involvement at a Tier 1 intervention level.

How does it work?

PLUS has revolutionized how schools can effectively use student leadership. Research shows when addressing school climate issues, students with influence can play a critical role in the prevention of negative social behaviors on campus. PLUS helps schools identify a diverse cross section of influential student leaders who work alongside a team of staff members. Together they work to gather appropriate data that leads to the effective implementation of universal interventions that seek to create a positive school climate and an increase in student engagement.

Building a student community where kids take care of kids

Student leaders are trained to facilitate a series of PLUS activities that engage students in conversations and community building. These pro-social bonding moments create dialogue between pockets of students on a campus, which help build stronger understanding, respect, and empathy towards one another.

Student Focus Group #1

PLUS Programs discover innovative methods to create awareness for their student led activities.  This is a Promo video the PLUS Team at Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, California created to serve as an announcement to broadcast to their student body. This video reflects the purpose of what the PLUS Program does for schools.

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